Come Adventure With Me!

I love documenting your love for an unforgettable adventure! Every year my family makes the trek from West Seattle over to this special little blueberry farm right underneath THE gorgeous Mt. Si. It's often foggy and moody, which has made me yearn to capture another family experience the beauty and joy of the location just like my family does each year. I know it's probably super cliche, yet I can't help but laugh at how much my kids are just like Little Sal on Blueberry Hill, kerplink, kerplank, kerplunk....munch, munch, munch! I have a few slots open for the magic of Bybee Farms on August 22nd. For $225, you will receive 6 digital images with the option to purchase more. I cannot wait for this adventure to begin! Let me know if you are interested in joining me. Perhaps you are interested, but the date doesn't work for you. We can definitely chat about another more personalized adventure session for your family on a date that works for you.