The Best Valentines Gift

Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love and gifting memories documented for your future selves to look back on is the absolute best gift! Maybe you are a family that gets super into valentines day and you go traditional and Hallmark with chocolate and roses and fancy dinners out. Or maybe you are a family that doesn't do much out of the normal game nights and movie nights and crafting projects. Maybe you just want an excuse to document your every day moments together. Here is your chance!

This valentines week, I am offering a quick 20-30 minute mini session at your home to document you doing the things you love with your kiddos. Don't have kiddos? That's ok too...maybe you both work from home and you have a flexible schedule and want to document your regular coffee date together. Maybe it's just you and you are all about self love right now. Yes! Love it! Or maybe you invite your girlfriends over for brunch and coffee and we document galentines day! I'm down for it all.