Seniors- It's Time to Celebrate Y-O-U!

What an absolutely incredible phase of life! It isn't often that we get to celebrate ourselves and focus on exactly who we are and who we have become. It's also such a pivotal time of transition, growth, and change. A session with me let's you slow down from the busy life and just take some time to reflect on your childhood and look forward to what may lie ahead. A senior session is not just a date on your calendar to receive some pictures, instead it is truly an experience that will be a memorable highlight of your senior year!

A senior portrait session begins way before our location meet up. We will plan the PERFECTLY IMPERFECT session that is ALL ABOUT YOU! We will chat about your dreams and goals and the things you're passionate about. From there we will come up with locations and outfits that are meaningful and real for you.


Get Out of the Grey (Entire gallery of digital images; 80+) : $869

Mountains to Sound (includes 40 digital image selections of your choice): $619

Sounds So Sweet (includes 20 digital images selections of your choice): $469

  • Each package option includes a FREE $50 print credit to print your favorite images.
  • Each package includes a gallery of 80+ images to select from.