Golden Hour is the Best Hour!

For senior portraits, we aim to have the absolutely best light! I love getting that creamy dreamy golden light in your hair and on your faces if possible. If the weather is overcast and the golden light doesn't appear, that's's still the softest angle that the sun is in the sky for getting light that creates less drastic and dramatic shadows.

An Hour After Sunrise or An Hour Before Sunset

I mostly do senior sessions at sunset because MOST seniors I know are night owls rather than early birds. As I type this though, I do realize I've done many senior sessions for seniors that row crew and so those seniors would have been totally used to early mornings. I, on the other hand, am not used to early mornings and prefer sunsets than sunrises. Either let me know which works best for you. They both achieve the best light possible.

There are a Few Exceptions for Timing

If you really want to photograph at a location that is extra meaningful to you like a sports field or track or an indoor setting that may house a piano or something like that, we can definitely adjust the time to accommodate the needs of those locations. If doing photos indoors, I like to be sure to time it within the hours of 9am to 2pm in order to maximize the natural light indoors.