Collaboration Starts Before Your Photo Session

Congrats! What a fun time of life! Before a session with me, we'll discuss your dreams, aspirations, and passions to craft a PERFECTLY IMPERFECT session that’s truly about YOU, selecting locations and outfits that echo your unique narrative. You'll decide whether you want an outdoorsy, urban, or hobby related vibe. I can help you figure out the perfect location to match who you are at this important milestone session.

Style Assistance

Mostly just dress comfortably! Choose clothing that makes you feel good and is flattering. We will be moving about during your session and you will want clothing that can move with you.

Stay true to yourself and choose clothing that best showcases your own personal style. Add layers or textures. Throwing on a jacket or sweater can create a completely different look without a full outfit change. Stay clear of contrasting patterns and logos that can distract from YOU as the first focus of the image. Dress for the weather and location. Lastly, don't forget to bring along clothing and objects that are important to you and tell your story,

such as a letterman jacket, sports jersey, balls or mitts or rackets. These will help create images that are totally unique to you. My tool Style and Select will help you discover a look that's just right if you desire. You can text me outfit ideas if you'd like more guidance.

What to Expect During Your Session

I treat every senior session as a total collaboration. You bring some ideas and I'll bring some ideas. If one of us sees a location and gets an idea, we just go for it. These sessions are experimental and collaborative and actually really super fun. Yes, your parent may tag along, yet YOU are the main focus. I will try to document you at the end of our session with whomever brings you as it is likely that they are the ones extra sentimental at this rite of passage in time and with the upcoming shift in your relationship.

After Your Session

Your package includes digital images, yet if you are looking to get Graduation Cards printed, you absolutely will be able to do that directly from your gallery. You can order prints in any size and in a variety of gorgeous options. And if you don't see something you have in mind, we can definitely chat and find an option for you.