Meet Trenton

You can usually find Trenton, graduating class of 24, on a baseball pitcher's mound. He’s been playing since he was a little kid, and it’s a huge part of his life. So, when it came time to plan his senior portraits, incorporating his love for the game was a no-brainer.

Location, Location, Location

Even though it wasn't his home field, we decided on Bar S field in West Seattle because I know it well and it is just steps away from the beach. That way we could start with baseball and end with a gorgeous sunset overlooking the Olympic Mountains. We landed on starting right around golden hour—that perfect time just before sunset when the light is soft and warm, casting everything in a golden glow.

Style Prep

Trenton wore his team jersey and brought along his bat, glove, and ball. He also brought along a few changes for a bit more classic and non-sports look along with two different jersey's. His confidence and passion for the sport shone through every shot. We captured him in action, throwing pitches, swinging the bat, and joking around with his mom and one of his best friends. The energy was infectious, and we all had a blast!

Family Cameo

As the sun began to dip lower, we moved to Constellation Park. The golden light helped show off the excitement of this milestone moment and had his mama feeling extra sentimental. Although she wasn't expecting it, I persuaded mom to get in an image or two with her special son to commemorate all that they have been through in the past 18 years together and all that is ahead of them. She gladly obliged and has told me so many times how grateful she is for these photos.

Congrats to Trenton!

By the end of the session, we had a collection of stunning photos that perfectly captured Trenton's personality and love for baseball, all with the warmth of the beautiful setting Seattle sun.

So, to all the soon-to-be graduates and their families out there, congrats on this major life milestone. And if you’re planning a senior portrait session, think about what makes you unique and let’s make it shine!