Josh + Alysia + Quincey + Izaiah + Cruz + Santana + Sonny too

Talk about easy going and chill parenting! I am beyond inspired by Josh and Alysia! Four kids and a big fluffy dog doesn't usually imply chill, yet that was exactly what this family of six was. Chill, fun, and so loving! The four and seven year olds were so good with their twin one year old little siblings.

Also, talk about an easy going and chill session! When thinking of planning a real life session, you really don't have to go out of your way with planning. When I arrived everyone was in comfy clothes and felt at home in their own space. I got to catch mama in action doing their hair and dad cooking homemade quesadillas. The big kids used their indoor slide, played ball and chase while one baby played in the plant's dirt and another wanted snuggles. They ate lunch together while music played, told jokes, did chores like feeding the dog, and eventually they spent time upstairs in the coolest indoor jungle gym I've ever seen. Finally, they played the greatest kid friendly game of charades (that Santa somehow totally knew to get my kids for Xmas!). Sure, I had talked with mama Alysia before the session about a basic plan of cooking a meal, playing in their jungle gym, and walking to their favorite local store (which did not happen since the weather ended up being one of the absolute darkest and rainiest days of the month!). Yet, so many of the amazing moments were found in the in between, in those connections that occur naturally. The best part about real life sessions is documenting within the comfort of your own home, where your kids are safe and can get easily distracted and ignore the photographer lady in order to capture life right now.