Something fun to do when you are suddenly stuck at home!

Give the kids an "academic break" and let them bust out an easy to use camera to find things around your house and yard. Some of these prompts will stretch the brain. Maybe you are suddenly attempting to home school. Maybe you are suddenly attempting to work from home and manage your children. I've created these two fun photo hunts to try to help you out! The adult hunt should hopefully tap into a little perspective shifting and may even feel like a bit of self care for you. The kids hunt is open to literal interpretation or more metaphorical play, which makes it great for any age. Feel free to chip away at each prompt here and there, or one a day, or just go for it and do it all at once. There are no rules at all. Just have fun and if you feel like sharing to social media, use the hashtag #SRPphotohuntkids and #SRPphotohuntadults . Thanks!

Quarantine Kids Photo Hunt
Quarantine Photo Hunt for Adults