Local West Seattle Mama Owned Businesses Help Spoil my Motherhood Mini Session Mamas

I am so forever grateful to know so many absolutely incredible local entrepreneurs. Inspired by Fit4Mom West Seattle, I really wanted to do something special for the mamas who booked my Motherhood Mini Sessions. Once you become a mama, it is so rare that gifts are for you and not your kids! Moms are rock stars constantly caring for others and so I really wanted to give these moms a time to just be with their kids, capture it all for posterity, and also give them some goodies and treats to celebrate them as well. I put out a call to any local business and guess what y'all? The mamas delivered for the mamas! No surprise there. I'd love to introduce you to some awesome and absolutely kind local mompreneurs.

Craft Lab Seattle

This is one of West Seattle's newest and most exciting businesses to emerge from the pandemic! My friend Laura has bravely pivoted careers to start her own company. She runs activities for parties, kids birthday parties, and adult craft nights and the best part is that she will come to you! She provides instructions and all necessary materials needed to build and create an amazing craft that the party attendees will work on and bring home.

Already I've gotten to witness her amazing skills and talent at a children's birthday party and by doing a mom's night out crafting event where we learned to weave. Laura made it so easy to learn and it was such a fun way to do so.

Golden Mama Wellness

Ashley is the powerhouse mama behind Golden Mama Wellness. We met while attending Fit4Mom classes and quickly became friendly as she has one of those absolutely charismatic personalities. She is super easy to talk to and beyond trust worthy. I totally can see why she rocks as a certified nutritional therapy practitioner. She works with clients to create bio-individualized nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations based on their wellness & health goals. Her goal is to really help other mamas nourish their bodies and feel well.

Jenny Ling, PLLC

When you think of lawyers, you usually don't think of kind, funny, and easy going people. But Jenny Ling is not just any lawyer. She also practices a type of law that is so absolutely under emphasized in our society. Jenny and her team focus on making sure your business and your family are taken care of, whether it be estate planning, small business advising, child protection planning, managing and litigating through the regulatory environment, real property investing or advising in times of financial distress. My husband and I have worked with Jenny to do our estate and family care planning and I absolutely endorse Jenny and the work she does.

Mama Be Well

Katie Englund is the only one her that I don't know personally. We have connected over social media many times and have friends in common. I can say that she is one inspired, friendly, and inspiring human! She is a Reiki Healer and EFT Practitioner and her "motherhood journey has been a catalyst for an indescribable personal healing journey". Her own healing journey has led her to help others along their own sacred healing path. She offers energetic healing packages that I look forward to trying sometime soon!

Nordy Made

If you follow West Seattle icon small business, Alair, on Instagram or on their newsletter, then you have for sure heard of Nordy Made before. This is how I already knew of Sheryl and her incredible handmade jewelry before I had the honor of meeting her and her family to photograph their newborn second child recently. Nody Made's pieces are simple, effortless, timeless, versatile, and downright stunning.

Pop Up Barre-Fitness Express

This super creative and rockin local company is the brain child of Brittney Mark. Brittney and I also met at Fit4Mom classes. I love the concept of Fitness Express, group fitness pop-ups in traditional & non-traditional spaces. Plus, unique post workout pairings with local businesses! I have attended a few of her classes where she totally kicked my butt in the best way possible. You just have to try one of her classes!

Sea & Pine Designs

Jenny Ho is the creator of Sea & Pine Designs, West Seattle's incredibly gorgeous and practical hand made cruelty-free vegan leather handbag company. Jenny has one of the best, most genuine smile's in all of West Seattle and I was instantly drawn to her when meeting over seven years ago when our third graders did toddler co-op together. You've probably also heard of and/or seen Sea & Pine products at Alair. I just love Jenny's company Vision of "building uniquely beautiful products, doing socially conscious work, and amplifying the lived experiences of womxn & womxn of color."

Sensa Play Rentals

Boss mama Kaitlin Murdock is West Seattle's original sensory play rental company creator. She and I also met at Fit4Mom and have shared many a memories with our combined four kiddos. Sensa Play has been an absolute savior to my parenting. Both my kids and I love each sensory filled thematic learning kits that last us all week and include ideas for connecting the sensory play and materials to our local community. As a former public school educator, Kaitlin really thinks of it all. I love that they include such high quality often wooden toys as well as the best literature connecting to the theme. I can now say that we have officially rented every single theme that Kaitlin has created. It is too hard to pick one favorite, but I will say that some of our favorites include Cafe, Rocks & Fossils, Flight, and Polar Regions. Definitely add SensaPlay to your summer bucket list if you have a kiddo between 2 and 7 years old!

Celebrating Motherhood Gift Bag Giveaway!

These incredible local entrepreneurs donated some pretty impressive goodies to my motherhood gift bags to help me spoil my mamas. I felt so sad though that I couldn't spoil everyone, so I landed on offering one whole gift bag as a gift to one of you! Head over to my Instagram for the official giveaway and tell all your friends!

And if you were one of the mamas to already receive a gift bag, please let these awesome mompreneurs know how much you appreciated their donations! ;-)