I am so passionate about documenting family life for ourselves and our kids. Every summer or fall, I spend hours creating my own family “yearbook” style albums. These began with all the snapshots of our lives and have progressed to be beautiful storytelling books full of our connections and the details of our everyday lives. 

I want to bring this gift to you and your family as well. A "Year in the Life Family Yearbook" package is a collection of 4 photography sessions spread over the course of one year, giving a beautiful and real life record of your life with your ever changing phases and faces. You can mix and match session types; maternity, newborn, real life, outdoors or do a series of all four real life sessions.

When you look back over a year, you realize just how much each of you have grown and changed. You hair might be a little longer (or shorter) and your kids certainly have rapidly grown their skills. Activities and hobbies shift depending on the season.

It's amazing how in just one year your little one has learned to walk, your older child went from riding a tricycle to a two wheel bike, their artwork on the walls has changed and none of you are quite the same as you were last year.

You get to choose when and where the sessions occur. You get to decide which moments of your life you want documented. And, at the end of the year, you get to relive those moments as a family with a beautiful heirloom album that you’ll want to pass down from generation to generation that I create for you.


Vibrant colors everywhere.

Sweater weather.

Pumpkin spice everything.


Quieter beach days.


Holidays at home.

Decorating the tree, lighting the menorah, eating turkey, baking cookies together.

Foggy mornings.

Earlier golden hours.

Snuggly board games indoors and hot cocoa.


Flowers everywhere.

Rain walks with umbrellas.

Crafting on rainy days.

Dance parties.

Mothers Day.

Baseball season.

Playing with bubbles.


Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!

Late nights.

Picnics on the beach or in the park.

Fathers Day.

Backyard BBQ's.


Running through the hose.

Trampolines and bounce houses.

Hiking and camping.

Year in the Life Package: $3,252 (Divided into 8 payments of $406)

Includes an entire gallery of digital images (80 images or more) for each session.

20 high quality 5x7 prints and 4 8x10 prints

$50 print credit to use at any point during the year

An heirloom "yearbook" style album with the best images from all four sessions.