You are way more likely to get clear skies and dry weather.

We all know that scheduling photos outdoors in the Pacific Northwest can get tricky. Spring weather is unpredictable. Fall has given us more and more crazy weather as well. A sunny winter day is great and the sunset times are perfect for those with little kids, yet we know winter is just plain hard (think moodier, bluesy, less light, grey days). Summer around here usually starts after Fourth of July and lasts into September. We do now have smoke from forest fires to consider, which seems to be late August lately. But, everyone knows that there really aren't many places as beautiful as Seattle on a sunny summer day.

You beat the rush of fall photos!

Perhaps you have already encountered the difficulty of scheduling photos in the fall. Photographers get booked up quickly when everyone has holiday cards and holiday gifts on their minds. School and activity schedules are so busy in the fall that doing photos can be so challenging to squeeze in. Beat the rush by doing your photos in the summer. Summer is great because everyone has a more flexible schedule. There is more daylight to be able to do all the activities and still fit your family photos in. And an added benefit is that the typical outdoor locations aren't as busy with everyone else doing their photos at the same time.

You are more likely to get some of that dreamy creamy golden hour light.

I'm not going to sugar coat it. Summer sunsets are late. I'm talking session start times around 8pm and end times a bit after the sun goes down around 9pm. This can be super tough with young kids who are early sleepers and used to routines. Yet, my sessions are so interactive, easy going, and fun that kids that break the routine and stay up late for a summer session make it through just fine. One of my favorite parts of summer is that creamy dreamy golden hour light that we get here. Seattle is so used to the constant grey of the other three seasons that I can't get enough of summer's glowing sunsets.

Dressing your family is easier as you don't need as many layers.

Dressing during summer is piece of cake! Sun dresses and shorts can look fantastic! You don't need to layer up in sweaters and scarfs and closed toed shoes. Heck, you don't even have to wear shoes at all if you don't want to!