We start by getting to know your brand

What are the feelings you would like to communicate to your potential clients? These might be joy, inspiration, confidence, comfort, excitement, silliness, etc. We also discuss which location might be best at conveying these to your audience. You'll teach me about your brand as it is (if already established) or how you envision it (if just starting out). We can discuss over e-mail and as part of my questionnaire, or we can do a phone or video call. Knowing how you plan to use your images and what your personality style is like, helps plan the kinds of images we co-create. Often my clients come up with the vision for location or a few images they would like and I help think through a storytelling series of images related to the one in their mind.

Each session is a collaborative and experimental process

Even when we create a detailed plan prior to the session, personal branding sessions often work best with lots of creativity and flexibility. We work together during a session to try out new ideas or pivot from a previously discussed idea to an even better one. The most successful branding sessions are playful, flexible, and collaborative, while keeping true to your core beliefs and intended vibe.

Why not just headshots?

If you have been debating whether you need just headshots or if you need something a bit more, think about whether you are trying to tell more of a story about your business and your brand or not. If the answer is at all yes, then a personal branding session is right for you. If you are an established brand or work in more of a corporate setting, than perhaps all you need is updated headshots and portraits. Personal branding helps give your audience feelings and stories to better understand your mission.

After gallery delivery, I've still got your back

One of the best parts about working with personal branding clients, is continuing to support each other once your images have been delivered. If it makes sense to promote your business on my socials, I will. Being an entrepreneur is hard and encouraging other female ran businesses is something I am so grateful to be able to do.