Becoming A Big Sister

Sessions for friends are extra special! Just loved getting to meet baby Z so little! We thought Baby Zinnia would be around two weeks old at our session, yet she was pretty comfy on the inside. Which was so special for me to get to meet her at only four days old! People often wonder what the best time is for newborn sessions and I say any time is better than no time, yet if you are hoping for some sweet sleepy baby photos, then within the first two weeks are ideal.

Newborn sessions are also special because they lean more documentary style in order to go with the flow of babies needs; feedings and diaper changes are absolutely part of the session and happen whenever needed. It's also great to go with the flow of any older siblings as it's a huge transition for them. This big sister was no exception. June was feeling ALL the feelings as any four and a half year old new sister would. There were some sweet dance party moments, snuggles with mom reading her favorite book, playing in the backyard and picking tomatoes, as well as some tears and questions about gender and how sister was made. Mom and Dad took it all in stride making sure big sis knows she will still fill their hearts always and forever. They also are remembering what it's like to do diapers and feedings and be up in the night and most importantly, snuggle and love on such a little beautiful human that fills their hearts! Congrats Lily and Dave and June!