Erika + Jacob-A Magical Year

When I asked Erika why she decided to sign up for my Year in the Life package she said that she "really wanted to document this moment in time for me and Jacob. It hasn't been an easy couple of years but there are so many joyful moments that I want to hang onto and remember." She was also beyond gracious and said that a motivating factor was me and my work as we have worked together in years past. She said, "Every time I work with you it just gets better. I see how hard you work to learn more, try new things, and's really been amazing to watch you on this journey."

Wow...just wow! I don't want to make this about me and I just have to say how nice it is to feel seen and appreciated. Helping others feel seen and appreciated is one of my motivating factors in my style of photography, so it's nice to receive a bit too!

Erika's favorite thing about the process & sessions were "capturing real moments, being in different places at different times, seeing how we change and how we don't."

And I also asked her what she would change about her Year in the Life sessions, to which she responded that she wished she had gotten "some extended family in on one session. It was just too hard with schedules this last year...some day!"


For their first session, we just wanted to document a typical weekend morning at their home together. They frosted cupcakes, read old Valentines, watched a little on the tablet, jumped on the bed, and snuggled and giggled. Then we headed out for their very typical scooter ride. I love that Erika had to buy an adult scooter to keep up with Jacob because he is so fast!


Summer was an extra special treat because Erika invited me to document them at their family home on the waters of the South Sound. They have spent a lot of time here together as well as when Erika was a child, so it holds extra special memories and just had to be a part of their year in photos. They kayaked, SUPed, played with the dog, found sand dollars and little crabs. It really was such a special place!


Erika opted for a more typical portrait session at the beautiful Lincoln Park in West Seattle. The Year in the Life package is super open ended as to what type of session is included. It could include newborns, extended family, a senior portrait, an outdoor portrait session, or real life at home. They still played in the leaves, brought Jacob's bike, and explored the beach in between portraits. Jacob was really inspired by my camera to do his own photo session of his mama, which was absolutely adorable.


We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and have so many fun adventures nearby. Erika thought Jacob would enjoy a ferry ride for our last official session of the year, which was such a great idea! Ferry sessions are definitely some of my favorites as no matter the weather, the light is always so magical! During their session they explored the nearby beach and creek first, then read books, explored the deck, and Jacob even snagged a free snack from the vending machine! They were so comfortable with me by now that it truly felt like they completely forgot about my camera and were very much their every day relaxed selves.

What a difference a year makes!

Just look how grown up this kiddo is now! These sessions were one year apart. This Kindergarten year that is so special. Those baby cheeks are disappearing and he is growing older and wiser! It is never too late to document a year in the life with your loved ones.

Year in the Life-Reflections of the First Year

My own motivation for launching the Year in the Life package was to bring a bit of a daily or weekly photography project feel to families. An added benefit that I didn't expect when launching is that this package has filled a need with single mothers who desire something other than selfies with their children. I am grateful to be able to fill this void and also to be able to document more of your perfectly imperfect REAL authentic lives throughout the year.

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