I'm Ali with Sound Roots Photography, a real life family photographer in the Seattle area. I specialize in capturing the authentic moments of your family’s life in a way that’s natural, relaxed, and stress-free. Today, I’d love to give you a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes during a real life in-home family photo session.

Session Lead Up: Quick and Clear Communication

When you book a session with me, we’ll start with a chat about your family’s unique dynamics and the moments you want to capture. Whether it’s a typical Saturday morning with pancake breakfasts and playful cuddles, or a cozy evening with storytime and snuggles, the goal is to reflect your everyday life in the most genuine way possible.

Before the session, I'll offer tips on how to prepare without adding stress to your day. For instance, there’s no need to dress up in uncomfortable clothes or force your kids into outfits they hate. Instead, I recommend wearing something you all feel good in and that represents your true selves.

Arrival: A Cozy Home Filled With Love

On the day of the shoot, I’ll arrive at your home ready to blend into the background while your family goes about their usual routines. My approach is all about capturing real interactions and genuine smiles rather than stiff poses. This method helps everyone, especially kids, to feel at ease and act naturally.

One of the joys of in-home sessions is the ability to capture the unique environment where your family’s memories are made. Whether it's the nursery with the hand-painted mural, the kitchen where you bake cookies together, or the living room filled with laughter, each space tells a part of your story.

Mini Home Tour: Embracing Natural Light and Favorite Spaces

One of the secrets to stunning photos is the use of natural light. You'll show me around to the main parts of your home so that I can view how the light falls into each area. I’ll scout your home for the best-lit areas – a cozy corner by the window, a well-lit kitchen, or a sunny spot in the living room. These locations perfectly highlight your family’s unique charm.

In-home sessions are beautifully personal. There are no elaborate props or artificial backdrops – your home itself is the perfect setting. Favorite toys, cherished books, and meaningful decor items often make their way into the photos, adding warmth and authenticity, not to mention how it all helps your kids feel calm, comfortable, and engaged in normal low pressure activities.

The Session: Fun, Flowing, and Full of Special Moments

This is the part that is totally customizable to your unique family. And even if you don't feel all that unique or different, the way you connect with each other will be authentic and absolutely one of a kind. We have fun. It's super easy going and laid back. Sometimes you forget that I'm there. Sometimes I engaged with your child and you can lean back and have a cup of coffee in peace. Either way, your children (and pets!) are active participants and guide the direction of our session.

Capturing the Candid: The Beauty of Imperfection

As a former elementary school teacher and a mom myself, I understand the importance of patience and play. I’ll engage with your kids through games, stories, and activities they enjoy. This not only keeps them entertained but also results in photos that truly capture their personalities and the joy of childhood.

For instance, during one recent session, a family’s toddler was determined to show me every single toy in his collection. Instead of rushing him, I encouraged his excitement. The result? A series of heartwarming photos of him proudly displaying his treasures, with genuine smiles and gleeful eyes.

What if your kiddo is shy and not having any of it? What if they fall and hurt themselves during the session? These are all totally normal behaviors and to be expected. We roll with it. If your little one is sad, I'll turn my camera onto someone else or step away for a few moments while you console them. Then when it feels respectful, I'll probably turn the camera back to the sweet connection you two have in that moment. All emotions are honored and valid during photo sessions with me.

The Result: Timeless Memories

After the session, I’ll carefully curate and edit the best images that tell your family’s story. You’ll receive a proof gallery of high-quality photos that highlight such a fun and easy going time together. Once you select your favorites, I will do final edits and send a zip drive for you to download within two to three weeks.

When you receive your photos, you’re not just getting images – you’re receiving timeless memories. Each photo is a piece of your family’s story, beautifully preserved for generations to come. I will send information on how to conveniently print directly from your gallery if you desire.

Why Choose In-Home Sessions?

In-home photo sessions offer a uniquely personal experience that’s hard to replicate in a studio. They provide a snapshot of everyday life, highlighting the love, laughter, and little quirks that make your family special. The comfort of being in your own home allows everyone to be more relaxed and authentic, resulting in photos that are truly heartfelt.

Document Your Family's Story

From the preparation stages, ensuring everyone is comfortable and at ease, to the session itself where natural interactions are the focus, I tailor each step to bring out the most genuine moments. The beauty of these sessions lies in the candidness and authenticity that come from being photographed in your own home, surrounded by the familiar and cherished details of your daily life. We are all living imperfectly perfect and I would be honored to be able to document your family's beautiful imperfection.