You're Ready for a Chill Photo Session

You are tired of the effort it takes to get everyone dressed and ready for a photo session on location. You are tired of battling your children to behave during family photos. Instead, you are longing to document this phase of your lives in a super relaxed, stress free, and authentic way. You want to finally be in the photos too! Here are the most frequently asked questions about my Real Life sessions.

1.How Do I Plan Ahead?

We usually start off indoors. As much as I like to capture things as they are happening, it's great if we can have 2 or 3 "activities" planned. This is your time with your family, so relax, be silly, have fun and most of present! I might give you a few ideas about the best places to stand/sit/dance etc. just so we are making the most out of the light and space in your home, but otherwise the more you can forget I'm there, the better. We will spend an hour or so in your home with as much time as we need on each "activity" to get all the shots we need. If the kids are over it or want to do something else, that's totally cool. Happy to go with the flow of the day. I pride myself on being kid and pet led. Flexibility is totally key and often results in the types of images you would never get outside in a standard photo session. These are the images I hear time and time again are client’s favorites. The best photos naturally happen when kids are having fun. It's all about capturing their real personalities, not just the smiles.

2.Do we have to do the whole session at home?

After all the home shots, we can head to your favorite outdoor location (or vice versa depending on what we decide is best timing wise). This may be on your property/in your yard or we can head to your favorite local park or beach. Just to keep things moving, it would be best if you can have everything you want to bring, ready to go before I arrive, but I'll grab a few shots of everyone getting ready to head out. If people aren't happy with their outfit choices or water bottle, I might photograph that too as it's all part of life with kids!

3.What if my home is a mess?

Embrace it! We can totally work around a certain amount of mess and I encourage you to look at the stories that actually lie in the “mess”. I have had clients who just moved and have their home full of boxes and in that case we mostly hang in one box free room or even just a corner of the home near a beautiful window. Your home does not need to be “magazine worthy”, I know for sure that mine is not! The main thing is just to remove and tidy any objects on the floors and furniture that you don't want photographed (a key spot to remember is your bedside tables). I won’t be looking in your microwave or in your closets and I will never judge you!

4.I still want that photo of all of us smiling; Will you do that type of photo?

My passion is to highlight your connections, love, and special relationships, yet I also love a good smile at the camera image too. I am happy to attempt this type of image for you and it is usually much easier to achieve in the comfort of your own home and neighborhood. 

5.Does this mean we can wear anything we want?

If your kids live in their undies (like mine sometimes do), cool. If they want to wear an Elsa costume or a Storm Trooper mask, that is cool too! This is their childhood and as much their story as it is yours. If you're all dressed up like you're heading off to your cousin's wedding, it won't look too realistic. For these sessions, I'd aim for a nice version of what you'd usually wear at home (making sure to avoid busy prints and logos). Having said that, I've put together a handy guide with a few things to avoid and pointers if you feel you need it - view my What to Wear guide.

Get that Quality Time on your calendar now.

What else are you wondering about? If you have any remaining questions, check out my FAQ’s here or feel free to send me an e-mail. Ready to book that stress free session now? You can find my availability here! I can't wait to meet you!