Do family photos stress you out? Are you looking for a family photo session that delivers gorgeous images without all the stress leading up to the session? You’re looking for a Real Life Session.

I Need An Easier Approach to Photo Sessions

You know how it goes. You’re stressed out running around the house like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everyone ready for family photos. You already carefully worked out everyone’s outfits long ago and now it’s the day of your session and kid #1 won’t put those shoes on, kid #2 is complaining about how itchy the new shirt is and your partner is mumbling and grumbling about having to get dressed up for something other than work. You finally get loaded into the car, make it to your photo session destination, and your children just won’t behave and do what the photographer is suggesting for poses. You try bribing the kids with lollipops and ice cream yet it’s still not going well. You finally make it through and receive enough beautiful photos for holiday cards or for the grandparents, yet whenever you look at those photos you just remember how freaking stressful everything was. 

I get it and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! A lot of well intentioned parents either get into power struggles with their children during sessions or start trying to bribe them with treats. During a Real Life session, you do not have to do this! 

How Can I Trust My Photographer?

Get to know your photographer’s skill sets ahead of time. What is their knowledge of child development? Do they mostly photograph families or weddings and couples or teens? I have over a decade and a half in elementary education and am raising two kids of my own. I know what’s developmentally appropriate. Sitting and following direct instruction from a photographer for an entire hour is not appropriate for the under 5 crowd (or many older kids and adults for that matter). When teaching I subscribed to a five to one model of instruction. Five minutes of me talking max and then at least a full minute of students talking (or even better, moving). In my photo sessions, it’s about engaging kids in what they want and then they are more willing to give me an image or two that I (or you their parents) want. 

Ask Yourself if You Just Want the End Result or If you Want to Have Quality Time Together in the Process.

These sessions are all about a dedicated time and place on your calendars to connect, have fun together, and spend quality time while letting someone (me!) document the special interactions between each member of the family. In my sessions, if your kid doesn’t like their shoes, let them go barefoot. No bribes needed. These sessions are about having fun with your family and starting with something that your kids want to do. Whether they are at home or on location, I truly work to get to know your children first and then take photos of them once they are comfortable. We play the games they want to play or read books or find rocks or whatever it is that gets them happy and comfortable. There are no power struggles during Real Life Family Photos.

Have a few Ideas Planned for your Session, yet be Ready to Be Flexible

A lot of families like to document their special breakfast routines, the ways that they snuggle and read books together, or their wrestling matches or a favorite activity like baking. But if you're not a cookie baking mom, please don't bake cookies for your session. Grab a box of tiny stuffies and spend the time doing something you love. These sessions are not about pretending to be perfect. Instead, they are about capturing the real joy in the everyday things that you actually do as a family. 

Make the Switch Today

If you are done with the bribery and the frustration of typical photo sessions and are ready for a stress free approach, schedule a Real Life session today. You won’t regret it. Don’t take my word for it; take Mama Jenny’s: “You’ve managed to capture the joy and love that radiates through our family. We’ve never had such a fun photo session together. I will forever cherish these photos!” There is no time like right now.