Welcome to all things Maternity!

Congrats! What an exciting time in your life! You probably are moving at warp speed and overwhelmed thinking about all the things and appointments and diet changes that have taken over your life. Maybe you have thought about a maternity photo session or maybe it hasn't even crossed your mind yet.

I'm Pregnant, Now What?

I'm hear to remind you to slow down. Take a few minutes each morning or evening to really just relish this rare time in your life. Take those moments to think about what is important to you. What do you want this beautiful baby growing inside you to get to look back on some day in the future? It probably isn't that never ending list of to do's before your maternity leave. They will probably want to see your joy, excitement, and wonder at the miracle of their life.

When Should I Book my Maternity Session?

You might wonder when is the right time to document this milestone? Anywhere between 28-36 weeks is great because you want to be showing, yet you don't want to be too close to that due date!

But Maternity Life Isn't always beautiful and comfortable...

Worried that a maternity session will be awkwardly focused on your body? I don't focus on your body...maternity sessions with me are about your love and connection for your partner and/or your baby to be and the things you love in this phase of life. Maybe you feel like you are growing an alien and the whole process feels surreal. Maybe you have had the worst morning sickness, heartburn, back pain, you name it. Maybe you are cherishing every single moment because the journey to become pregnant hasn't been easy at all and you are soaking it all up. Whatever your maternity journey is, that is part of your story and I would be honored to create memories for you that accurately portray what it is like now for you.

Not Currently Pregnant?

Not currently pregnant, but have a pregnant friend? Send them this post! Thinking pregnancy is in your future? Bookmark this page! Is your baby already here? Congrats! Take a look at my In Home Newborn Sessions! Are your kids already out of the baby phase? How about a Real Life session. Ready to book a Maternity session? Find my availability here!