Thinking about a Motherhood Session?

Whether a motherhood session sounds appealing to you because you are sick and tired of pestering your partner to do family photos, you want an excuse to get in the frame with your kids instead of just trying for another selfie, or you want that dedicated time on your busy calendar to really bond with your kiddo(s), it's a great opportunity. Even if you have convinced yourself that a motherhood session is just right for you, you might be nervous and feel awkward to be the center of attention, which is totally normal. That's why I've put together ten types of "poses" for moms to put you at ease. Really, all it takes is just being yourself. But, I know that is easier said than done sometimes. So, here are a few casual, relaxed, easy and authentic non-posed ideas for your motherhood session:

One favorite pose for moms is "the Helpful Mama"

The little in between moments are actually some of my favorite ones. In an in home session, you might plan a few activities for you and your kiddo(s), yet allow space for the natural ways that you help your child(ren). Wipe their face after snacks, blow their nose, feed a little one, clean up their things like you usually would. These are the ways we "Mom hard" and they are also ways that we often forget to remember.

Another favorite pose for moms is "the Doting Mama"

As a photographer I am often looking for two perspectives; that of the child and that of the parent. This one is to catch you from your child's perspective with all the love and obsession doting on the wonder of your child. When your child looks back at photos, they will want to see you. And they will want to see the way you looked at them with care, love, and wonder.

When thinking about poses for mom, think of "the Silly Mama"

You can just feel free to totally ignore the camera and be your normal silly and playful self with those kiddos. Whether its playing hide and seek or peek a boo or dress up, authentic smiles are guaranteed from your kiddos. And even though a tongue out or weird silly face may not be the way you feel you put yourself out in the world, it may be one of the ways your kids love you and want to remember you!

Don't forget "the Cheerleading Mama" as a great pose for moms

Just think about all of the ways that you are supporting your kids and cheering them on. Who needs official poses and prompts when you can just be your usual supportive self? If you want to look amazing in photos, just think about the things your kids to to elicit your cheerleading and super supportive side and then be yourself and engage in those activities with them.

One mom pose we often forget is "the Mama Enjoying a Moment of Quiet".

I know this part of being a mama can often feel so elusive and hard to come by, yet even when we steal moments to pause, reflect, breathe deep, or even just snuggle our first "kid" pets for a bit, our kids are better off for it. A calm mama = happier kids, right? I sometimes think about how are the photos of me going to help my kids when they are older and when they may become parents. Will they see that I did things for myself too? Will they see that I was able to put my oxygen tank on first?

One of my favorite poses for moms is "the Proud Mama"

The fact that you want to take photos with your kids is proof of your love and pride to be their mama. Even when it may be tricky convincing your pre-teen, teenager, or toddler to slow down and shed the "cool" attitude and be in a photo with you, somewhere deep down (or maybe just in the future), that kiddo will be so grateful that you wanted to have photos with them.

An often overlooked pose for mamas is "the Surprised Mama"

This is one of my favorites. Usually the surprises come from when our kiddos have a different emotional reaction to what we anticipated. And usually the surprise comes with so much depth and joy in motherhood. Because motherhood is so dang hard, yet there is so much beauty in the hard stuff too. Don't let your photos only show one side of it all.

I'm encountering this pose for mamas more often, "the Does It All Mama"

This is by no means to say that we mothers SHOULD do it all. Yet, somehow we often feel like we do. Let your images document some of the ways that you are juggling life. Let your images speak to the ways that you are a super hero in your own unique way. I don't care if you are a working mom, a work from home mom, a stay at home mom, or otherwise...all of these roles try to box moms in and keep us pitted against each other, when really motherhood in general has so much to juggle. You deserve images that highlight just some of the ways that you do it all.

"The Teacher Mama" is an easy and comfortable mom pose.

You are a natural. You are wise and experienced and have so much to offer your children. There are so many little teachable moments you encounter every single day. When I used to teach elementary school, I lived by the belief that the parents are a child's first and most important teacher. One of my favorite quotes about teaching is that "teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning". You are teaching your kiddo(s) to love learning. Document those beautiful moments mama!

Finally, a more traditional pose for moms, "the Mom Sandwich".

You may think from all of the above non-posed "poses" that I'm not into a traditional portrait. Yet even if your session is at home or in your yard, a standard portrait where your kids sandwich or hug you, goes a long way. I'd probably say something silly to get you all relaxed and comfortable and you just lean in and hug and love on your kiddo(s). When you are naturally paying attention to them, you will probably forget about the camera in my hand and just have fun being together.

Remember, Moms, to Just be Yourself!

The best "pose" you as a mother can do is to just be yourself and to love yourself as you love your children. Sessions are open for sign ups now! Sessions will be April 29-May 5! If you are wondering what types of things you might do with your children during a motherhood session, check out 18 Ideas for Spring Real Life Sessions.

All dates are updated for April-May 2024