What is a newborn photography session at home really like?

Sometimes it can be hard to think like a photographer and see your home from a different perspective. We all see our clutter and all the things still to do on our home. Yet, as a photographer, I mostly look for the natural light in your home and place you in areas or from a perspective that doesn't even show your clutter. Your house does not have to be absolutely clear of clutter. Some of your clutter even helps tell the story of this phase of your life. The binkies and coffee mugs and burp clothes and baby monitor are all a part of the story. It's so nice to see sneak peeks on my instagram, yet sometimes you want to see what more of a full gallery looks like so you can get a feel for the full session. It is for this reason that I'd like to share this newborn session with you.

family of three in living room snuggling on couch
portrait of a family dog during newborn session
dad looking at camera, mom looking at newborn baby, sitting on couch
parents looking at each other, holding newborn baby, sitting on couch
mom looking at newborn baby, baby facing towards camera
happy new mother with newborn baby yawning

Be prepared to use a few different rooms in your home for your newborn session

Newborn sessions are special all year round, yet there is something extra special about a cozy winter session snuggled up at home with your brand new baby. This sweet family did just that. Couches and living room's a great place to start as they often have great window light. Another great location is a nice big bed (whether that is your own room or a guest bedroom is totally up to you). And I always love to take a few images in the babies room, even if it's pretty dark (which it often is since we are trying to get babies to sleep as much as possible, right?!).

newborn baby sleepy in dad's hand
back of newborn head being cradled in parents hands
dad holding newborn near window
close up of newborn baby boy's face
dad doing nose to nose with newborn baby
wide perspective of dad holding newborn baby near window with a large indoor plant behind them

Pets are welcome! I aim for variety.

Often people wonder if they should put their dogs away, especially when they are high energy. So far, I haven't encountered any dogs in a newborn session that we couldn't handle. Usually the dog, like this one, has a curiosity and almost protective attitude towards baby anyway. I aim for a wide variety in images, some close ups, a lot of each parent snuggling with baby, a lot of them snuggling baby up together, and then a bunch of close ups of those sweet baby details. I also really love to zoom out and incorporate your family home in this phase of life because pretty soon that baby will be a toddler and their toys and things will be much harder to contain. ;-)

mom and dad snuggle newborn standing up near christmas tree
mom and dad kiss while holding newborn
mom and dad dote on newborn baby
mom and dad hold newborn baby boy near christmas tree
mom changes newborn babies outfit
new mother breastfeeding baby on baby rocker with ottoman
details of baby books on shelves in newborn nursery
dog leaning over baby crib
parents snuggling newborn on large bed
image from above looking down on mom and dad holding newborn baby boy
close up of newborn babys face
mom holding baby while baby yawns
mother leaning on bed while holding newborn who is calm with a pacifier stuffed animal
newborn baby with finger in mouth. image looking down on dad holding baby.
dramatic light in master bedroom. dad sitting on bed holding baby.
dad holding newborn baby. close up of babies face and hand.
silhouette of mom and dad kissing while holding newborn
silhouette of mom and dad holding newborn with arm in the sky
little newborn baby legs and feet and diaper
close up of newborn baby yawning on a cozy white blanket
mom and dad sit on edge of bed, leaning over doting on newborn baby and the puppy
newborn baby boy wide eyed looking directly at camera above

Let's end with a front porch image

Sometimes you luck out and the house you bring baby home to will end up being your forever home, yet this is often not the case. So, I love to try to get the new family outside for a front porch portrait. This is a memory you won't want to miss.

Newborn sessions when it is your first baby are super easy going. Perhaps you are wondering what it is like with an older sibling in the mix, and a more reluctant one at that, you may like to check out this Sisters Newborn Session. Of maybe your kids have grown out of the newborn phase, yet you would love to document your family at home in the same chill manner. You may like to see this family of six real life session. You can also find a lot more examples on my Instagram page.

mom looks at newborn baby, dad looks at camera, both sit holding baby on the front porch steps
wide angle shot of parents with newborn baby on their front porch
parents and newborn sit on front porch steps. Parents look and laugh towards each other.