Congrats on growing your family! Thinking about scheduling newborn photos?

Maybe you've been wondering when the best time to schedule photos is. Maybe you've been thinking you'll just do it once baby is here. I've got five great reasons to convince you that scheduling photos for before baby is here is the way to go. Need to know whether I am the photographer for the job or not? I have four good reasons why I'm NOT the photographer for you.

1.It ensures a spot on my schedule!

I've had expecting parents in Seattle area schedule a session as early as they find out they're pregnant. I've also had families that wait until they get to know baby earthside. You do whatever you feel is right for your family AND it definitely helps to get on my schedule before the end of your third trimester. My schedule can get pretty busy. I want you to get those newborn photos scheduled for around baby's two week point. I will have flexibility if baby comes early or late, yet I only take on so many sessions each week and I'd love for you to be one!

2.Put that "Nesting" energy to good use!

Perhaps you have a little bit of that "nesting" energy or you're in the mode to slay your to do list before baby comes. Booking your newborn photo session is a great way to take advantage of all that energy and your future self will thank you! I wish I had thought to put that energy towards booking a photo session with my first born as we were in the middle of a remodel and I couldn't do much actual nesting around the house! Newborn sessions are so low key and beautiful even in the smallest homes or in the darkness of winter, we can make magic.

3.It won't be what you think of when you are counting pee and poop and feedings.

Trust me. Those early days are a blur of sleep deprivasion and counting baby's pees, poops, and feedings. You are either trying to remember which breast you've fed on or how much formula to fill up for babe and you may not be making it to the shower as much as you'd like. This is why you want to book your newborn photos before baby arrives! You are planning ahead because your future self will want the photos and it will also try to explain them away for another day. But, baby is only a newborn for a very short amount of time. Do yourself a favor and just schedule the session now. If you're wondering what a session flow looks like, check out this easy and comfortable session example.

4.Time Moves Too Fast With a Newborn

This one is tricky because as they say, "the days are long and the years are short". It's amazing how even at two weeks of parenting a new baby, parents have a hard time remembering life before their sweet new little one. It is so easy to just explain away a newborn session. "I don't feel great." "I'm too tired." "I'm not thrilled with my postpartum body." And I totally get it. I remember having those very feelings after both of my children. And, I completely regret not having professional photos done. The first one I explained away because we were in a remodel and he didn't even have a nursery yet. Do you know how badly I wish I had great images from that phase of life? I would love to see the way my partner was taping and mudding the walls while I nursed our son. It was such a blur and it's so hard to remember a decade later.

With my second born, I explained away professional photos because she didn't have her own room and was going to share with her brother. I also explained it away because I was too busy chasing after her brother and balancing working mom life. I just never got around to it even though I knew I wanted it. Don't make the same mistakes as me! Take a deep breathe, pause, contact me and we will make newborn photos easy peasy and stress free.

5.Because You Deserve It

This one is the most important one of them all. You deserve to be in the photos too. Your phone camera roll will have hundreds and thousands of photos of your newest little one as you spend so much time together. How many of the images will have you in them too? Some day you will be so grateful to look back on the beauty of your lives in this phase. A professional photographer can elevate images from snapshots that capture a moment to beautiful images rich with depth and contrast, light and shadows, and lots of emotions. You deserve it. You definitely do.

It will be such a treat to have little beautiful reminders of where you've come from displayed all over your home or in a beautiful heirloom album. This is another reason why it's helpful to schedule photos ahead of baby's arrival as you will have more head space for thinking of how you'd like to print and display your images.

Bottom Line is YOU ARE WORTH IT.

You will never regret having elevated images of a special milestone time in your lives. Perhaps I've got you convinced that you deserve those newborn photos. I'd also love to recommend a maternity session too! A maternity session with me can be at home or on location or even both! Clients who choose to book both a Maternity and Newborn session at the same time receive a $100 discount.